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Courses attended in 2011

Starlux Lux IR, Laser and IPL.
Jane, Stephanie and Jen received further training our excisting technology as well tissue tightening in May.

Annual UBC Spring Dermatology Review.
Jane and Stephanie attended this conference in April.

Teosyal Filler Training .
Jane and Stephanie attended an inservice on the latest techniques for injectables in April.

Courses attended in 2010.

7th Annual Conference of Aesthetic Medicine.
Jane and Stephanie attended this conference in November.

Courses attended in 2009

Starlux Fractional Non-Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing. 

Stephanie, Jane, and Jen were trained on the use of the newest handpiece for our Starlux system in October.

World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine.

Jane and Stephanie attended this exciting congress to learn new techniques in aesthetic medicine.  The meetings took place in July in Vancouver.

Spa International Conference and Trade Show

Stephanie, Beth, Jen, Christa, and Mandy attended in Vancouver BC in February.  This provided a number of workshops and updates plus exposure to new products and services.


Courses attended in 2008

Hot stone massage course

Mandy successfully completed her training in June.

Teosyal Filler Training

Dr. Cameron and Dr. Grey attended an update course on September 25th to learn some new techiques for the use of dermal skin fillers.

Botox Training

Dr. Cameron and Dr. Grey met with the Allergan trainer to review the applications of cosmetic and therapeutic botox on September 3rd.

Youngblood Makeup Training
On May 12th, Mandy, Siobhan, and Christa attended a workshop for Youngblood Mineral Makeup.


Courses attended in 2007

The Medical Cosmetic Forum
On April 21st and 22nd, Dr. Grey attended two full days in Vancouver. Topics covered were:
  • Laser and Light Devices
  • Dermatologic conditions amenable to laser therapy
  • Demonstration of laser/light and pixel for advanced treatment of skin rejuvenation,rosacea, pigmentation, vascular malformations, acne and more
  • Cosmeceuticals in 2007
  • Techniques using Botox and fillers

Canadian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
Dr. Grey attended this course in Vancouver on April 27th entitled "The 8th Instructional Course on Cosmetic Procedures".  Topics covered included:

  • Evolution of the Aesthetic World
  • Fillers and Botox (the trend for Botox and filler use is rising rapidly and Canadians are the #1 users in the world of Botox!  Combination therapies were emphasised for best results.
  • Zoom for dental whitening [available in Castlegar at Dr. Ihns' and Lawczinski's office]
  • Rosacea treatment with IPL
  • Neck rejuvenation, skin tightening, body contouring and fractional ablation technology

Canadian Society of Phlebology
Dr. Grey attended April 28th and 29th in Vancouver for "Highlights in Phlebology" with information on basic examination of the venous system, ultrasound assessment, the latest techniques for varicose vein treatment, compression therapy with bandages and support hose plus demonstrations on sclerotherapy techniques and laser treatment for spider veins.

The Aesthetic Show
Dr. Cameron attended the Aesthetics Forum in Las Vegas May 25th - 27th which focused on Medical Aesthetics practice, equipment, and products.  Highlights were lectures, live patient and hands on workshops, plus scientific sessions on:

  • Advances in Botox and Fillers
  • Optimal results with Photodynamic Therapy
  • Art of Skin Rejuvenation
  • Body contouring

Milano (SAM) Software Training
Jen Harding attended a 2 day course in Toronto in June reagarding our spa software program to upgrade and fine tune our program.

Micropigmentation Refresher Training
While in Toronto in June, Jen took the opportunity to upgrade her permanent makeup skills.

Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine
Dr. Grey attended the annual meeting of CAAM in Toronto September 22nd and 23rd.

Advanced Skin Analysis
Dr. Grey attended a 5 day workshop in Victoria on October 7 - 12th.  The course included instruction on the Pastiche method of advanced skin analysis to assist in the diagnosis of skin conditions and in the appropriate choice of products.